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The Reviews Are In

Our SuperStar clients usually have 3 things happen. They:

  1. find their purpose
  2. end up loving their job &
  3. enjoy a better quality of life.

You don’t have to take our word for it. Take theirs:

superstarcareers-logo1 I got 6 job offers using these techniques! I had minimal success in obtaining interviews until I met Michelle Braun and she educated me on key factors to succeeding, specifically during times of an economic crisis.

– Bryan McCullough, Management Consulting Charlotte, NC | View Bryan’s Resume – Now & Then


I can’t say enough about working with Michelle. I don’t think I will attempt a career move without her going forward.

I started working with her after the initial job application process – once I started interviewing. She helped me cover all my bases in preparation and research. She’s a great sounding board for ideas (and super knowledgable about the industry). She’s got tactical chops to streamline the job hunting process and knows how to take you from *impressive candidate* to *exceptional candidate that we can’t live without.*

Michelle helped me through the decision process when weighing opportunities for multiple offers. She walked me through a comprehensive debrief after every conversation I had regarding an opportunity – which has been completely invaluable. Even when an interview, conversation or negotiation didn’t go the way I would have wanted, instead of brushing it aside and pushing forward (like I normally would do) – we examined why the conversation didn’t go the right direction. Which increased my own self-awareness and knowledge.

She helped me get the salary and benefits I want. I have no uncertainty about the decision I’ve made going forward and Michelle got me here. One of the best things that came out of working with Michelle (outside of getting exactly what I want in my next job) is that my level of stress throughout this process was probably half what it would have been without her.

If you don’t give her a call to get a free consultation, you’re making a big mistake. OH – and she works with people applying for promotions. So you don’t necessarily need to be in a job search. Basically, if you want to grow in your career – she can get you there.

-Holly Czuba, Marketing Director,  Nashville, TN

superstarcareers-logo1 Since meeting with Michelle I’ve been able to accomplish goals that before seemed unattainable.

– Rick Johnson, Financial Services San Francisco, CA

forest-featherston I can attest to how great this “Resumes for a Richer Life: Stand Out from the Crowd” workshop is! Michelle has a strong background in HR and she knows the “inside scoop”. I’ve hired resume writers before, but learning to do a great job yourself is a much better a deal! The class flies by and you leave with real knowledge.

– Forest Featherston, Marketing/Public Relations San Diego, CA | View Forest’s Resume – Now & Then


Michelle’s SuperStar ReCareer Revolution “Boot Camp” is just that – you’ll receive in-depth training but it is going to be work! (hence the phrase “Boot Camp”)  You don’t get to just sit back and absorb, you become an active participant in the experience. 

You learn from the other participants as well as Michelle.  This sharing is one aspect of the often dreaded word, “Networking” which suddenly isn’t as over-whelming as you might have thought. It gains a whole new meaning after this event – and it works! 

In fact when I thought back over my career, I discovered that even a network of 1 can be amazing.  Years ago, that one person took me to my next job, where a new person sent me along to the next and even once more after that.  Just one person “chain reacted” my next four positions.  Imagine if I had cultivated a network of even a handful of people.  It doesn’t have to be quantity, but it does help if it’s a quality network.

You are going to discover a lot of things about the job market and hiring strategies being used these days. However, what I felt was most important for me (if you do the work), is that you’re going to learn a lot about yourself along the way – which, surprisingly, may just change what you were originally searching for.

The surveys, materials, and information Michelle provides thru this experience will focus you in the right direction for your job search.  You won’t be spinning your wheels using old and outdated search methods that bring you dismal – if any – responses. You will be using statistically proven methods to get you the appropriate responses to your job search, allowing you to pick and choose among these valid and promising ones.

If you are truly interested in furthering your career – whether it be upward, sideways, or brand new – you can’t go wrong with this event.  It’s a solid investment in yourself, as well as your future!

– Lauri P, Accounting, Mentor, OH

valerie-livingston Michelle is an excellent career coach. Since I began working with her in an effort to advance my career, I have seen an increase in my professional network and career opportunity call backs. Michelle provides invaluable resources, tips, and recommendations in the area of resume writing, network building, and interviewing.

– Valerie Davis, Instructional Systems Technologist, Charlotte, NC

superstarcareers-logo1 Words cannot express the gratitude that I have for Michelle Braun.After attending her workshop on Resumes for a Richer Life: Stand Out from the Crowd, I began immediately using the techniques to revise my resume. Within two months, I not only got the opportunity to interview, but received a job offer too!

– Shay Williams, Health Insurance Charlotte, NC

miranda-hairston It is been a pleasure working with Michelle Braun. Michelle is insightful & strategic. She constantly provides invaluable information on making S.M.A.R.T. goals. Michelle uncovers and addresses the challenges that can prevent anyone from presenting their best self. I encourage you to attend a Super Star Careers workshop to get the tools to position yourself for your next level.

– Miranda Hairston, Account Development Charlotte, NC | View Miranda’s Resume – Now & Then

superstarcareers-logo1 Michelle is exceptional. As soon as we began SuperStar Career Coaching, my professional game went to another level.

Michelle and I began working together because I found myself in a situation where I had to get out of my current job. It was just too much. It was too much for me personally, professionally, and too much for my marriage.

I always thought I was good at what I did, but I can’t say that I was as confident as I should have been. She helped unlock a side I’ve always wanted to have, but was never able to tap in to.

Through our work, I’ve been able to make some very challenging changes in my company that management has resisted for years. Michelle guided me through very clear steps in how to negotiate and make critical changes and how to stand by them.

Thanks to the work we did together, the changes I had only dreamed of and hoped for, have been executed and it has never been more awesome.

Her work literally saved my career, my position with my company and my marriage. Thank you, Michelle.

-Chad Smith, Region Manager  Charlotte, NC


Working with Michelle was truly an eye opening experience in the best way possible. She was able to guide me through my job search in a new city, improve my resume, and realize my full potential through market research and negotiation.

With her advice I am much more empowered and knowledgeable regarding the entire career searching process. Having an expert to run all my questions by was invaluable and helped me land a great job! I highly recommend working with Michelle.

-Karli Sells, Implementation Consultant, Charlotte, NC

superstarcareers-logo1 Michelle is very creative and has an excellent command of the written word. She puts your experiences in the proper context and perspective to make your resume shout out your qualifications!

– Paul Koburger,  Sales Executive, Lakeland, FL

barbara-bapst This “Enticing Elevator Speeches: How to Increase Your Income 30 Seconds at a Time” course really got me thinking about how old patterns of presenting oneself can keep a person stuck (i.e. If I don’t sell myself, then who will?) The class was well developed & well presented. I loved the creative examples – very helpful!

Barbara Bapst, Wellness Coach/Yoga Teacher Charlotte, NC

superstarcareers-logo1 Michelle Braun worked with me on my Resume Revamp. She took time to discuss in detail my prior work experience and accomplishments that we wanted to highlight on my resume. She made certain that the final product met my expectations, and that I had all formats necessary for on-line job applications and for making revisions as needed.I recommend Michelle to anyone looking for professional assistance developing a resume that will stand out amongst the competition.

-Mary Adams, Media Account Executive Charleston, SC

chris-washington Finally! Content & Interaction that pushes past the obvious. If you are serious about discovering, improving or polishing your skills, the Nice-n-Easy Networking course offers an open invite to help you in your journey.

Christopher Washington, Leadership Development, Charlotte, NC

superstarcareers-logo1 I found the Enticing Elevator Speeches course easy to follow. It made me really think about what I do, and helped enormously with re-writing my elevator speech. Thank you.

-Karen O’Connell, Trader Coach Dalby, Queensland, Australia

shane-frazer I had an opportunity to attend Michelle’s Nice-n-Easy Networking Class. This class was very professional and helpful for my networking skills. During the class, I learned many new approaches to networking that I have never thought of before! It was also a great networking event as well. I highly recommend Michelle and her services.

– Shane Fraser, MBA, Social Media Consultant Waxhaw, NC

jen-finigan The Enticing Elevator Speeches course helped me understand what an elevator speech is, why I need it, and how to create a successful one. It was very useful information that could be used again and again.

-Jen Finigan, Risk Management Consultant Tega Cay, SC


Michelle helped our organization with strategic project planning and helped develop key training for an important project. She’s an expert in honing in on priorities and was an incredible thinking partner. Her partnership was crucial to our success.

-Diane Yarborough, HR Director,  Charlotte, NC


Michelle and her staff came highly recommended and did not disappoint! I had attempted to create my up-to-date 26-year resume, which was 5 pages long. It failed to convey my brand and lacked brevity. Michelle’s expertise and vision allowed her to create a two-page resume that brands me as a professional, focuses my accomplishments and will definitely create interest. I highly recommend SuperStar Careers to anyone seeking a new career!

-Stewart Taylor, Sales & Marketing Executive,  Charlotte, NC

I participated in Michelle’s SuperStar ReCareer Revolution Boot Camp. As a result, I have taken a deeper dive into my past occupations, explored different my different strengths and skills, learned many different strategies to enhance my job search, narrowed down the companies that I would like to work and gained a ton of invaluable tools to use in the future for my career. Michelle really delivers!!!!!

-LaKeisha Moore, Corporate Trainer,  Charlotte, NC

j-aponte I employed Michelle to develop my BIO for a business forum. She did an excellent job with my BIO, she was able to capture me by interviewing me and looking at my resume. She WOWED me with the end result! I recommend Michelle to anyone that is seeking to hire a talented and professional individual that can do an excellent job in building a resume or a BIO.

– Jorge Aponte, Director of Operations, Charlotte, NC | View Jorge’s Exceptional Executive Biography

superstarcareers-logo1 If you are looking for gold nuggets that you can begin using to move your career forward today, you are in the right place. Michelle is a high-caliber individual, and she has put together a great elevator speech class on how you can capture someone’s attention — every time — and stand out from the crowd.

Jason Owens, Sales Coach,  Concord, NC


Looking to advance your career? Then you must work with Michelle Braun with Super Star Careers.

As women we sometimes get in our own way when it comes to advancing our careers, but Michelle’s advice is honest and relevant to get the roles and career you want.

I met Michelle through aLean In Charlotte networking group, and right away I knew she was someone I needed to get to know better. With more than 20 years of experience in the corporate world, she gives a perspective that only hiring managers would know. Now as the CEO of Super Star Careers she is able to take her knowledge and experience and share it with those looking to take his or her career to the next level.

 After several webinars with Michelle I was able to make changes to my resume and the way I navigate my job search. As opposed to applying to whatever I job I saw, I am now focused on the right position to get the career I want.

Additionally, her review of my resume has helped me to streamline it in a way that recruiters want to meet with me. Out of all the resources I have tapped into in the past, Michelle’s insight has been the most effective and I recommend her to anyone wanting to take his or her career to the next level.

-Angela Coleman, Accountant,  Charlotte, NC

superstarcareers-logo1 I was laid off from a company where I had worked for almost 10 years, I knew resume writing has trends and Michelle is on top of them all!

Michelle helped me focus on my accomplishments during the Resume ReThink, and the interviews are now coming.  She is very approachable, after speaking with her I felt as if I’d known her for years.

-Nina Rip, Customer Success Manager,  Ontario, Canada

Michelle helped me get back into the workforce after almost two years at home with my children. She inspired me to pursue opportunities outside my comfort level.

Her motivational coaching techniques allowed me narrow down my career path. Her experience in hiring and recruiting are timeless. She takes a caring approach in career counseling making each client feel important. Thank you

-Denise Holmes, Financial Services, Charlotte, NC

superstarcareers-logo1 Ever been stuck when someone asks, “So what do you do/are you looking for?” The Enticing Elevator Speeches content is easy-to-follow. This hands-on training gives you exactly what you need to craft the perfect response.

-Katrina Ford, Yoga Teacher, Charlotte, NC


Michelle did an outstanding job in working with me on my resume revamp. She was able to highlight my accomplishments and accentuate my strengths in a concise professional format. I am very happy with my new resume and have far more confidence in my job search. Thanks Michelle for your hard work and support through this very rewarding experience.

-David Rogers, Sales Account Manager,  Charlotte, NC

superstarcareers-logo1 The Enticing Elevator Speeches course was very well designed and easy to follow. Modules made reference to previous ones, which was extremely helpful. At the end I was able to create an elevator speech that was clear, succinct and memorable. I highly recommend taking this course.

-Paula Okkoneh, Digital Marketers,  Charlotte, NC

karen-cynowa I recommend Michelle’s workshop, Nice-n-Easy Networking 101: How to Engage People & Increase Your Income. The course covered multiple dimensions of what is involved in the arena of Networking.There were useful demonstrations with live role-playing on what you should expect when walking into a business-networking gathering. It will make anyone fearless entering into any business atmosphere.Don’t think twice, about signing up. This workshop has true value.

-Karen Cynowa, Real Estate Broker Charlotte, NC

superstarcareers-logo1 The Enticing Elevator Speeches class is a great course for anyone who may need help with selling themselves or their business.

It offers a great deal of perspective and examples on how to have a short, yet compelling conversation, which can significantly improve your life.

Whether you are a new job seeker, a current employee wanting to grow, or an entrepreneur seeking new business, this course offers great tips and techniques in having a truly effective conversation by distinguishing yourself from everyone else.

I don’t have a lot of experience with networking, and I liked that there were many examples of how to do this successfully. I’d definitely recommend this course because it helped me rethink my current elevator speech, and gave better guidelines to greatly improve it.

-Robin Stewart, Training Coordinator,  Charleston, SC

superstarcareers-logo1 “This class gave me the “Insider’s” perspective of a recruiter.” Anonymous feedback from “Resumes for a Richer Life: Stand Out from the Crowd” evaluation Charlotte, NC