Enticing Elevator Speeches: Increase Your Income 30 Seconds At A Time

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People are busier than ever and form fast first impressions about the people they meet.

Business people like to work with people they know, like, trust and remember…favorably.

After the “Enticing Elevator Speeches: Increase Your Income 30 Seconds At A Time” course, you’ll be better able to introduce yourself in such a clear, compelling way that people remember who you are and what makes you so valuable.

This online course will help you develop a natural-sounding elevator speech that draws people in and helps you form meaningful connections.

With this class, you’ll be able to create a succinct, clear message about you and your business that will help you

  • stand out from the crowd
  • leave a favorable first impression on the people you meet, and
  • reach your career goals.

You’ll learn:

  • the basics of elevator speeches
    • what they really are
    • why you need an enticing one
    • when to give yours
  • the 5 components of a SuperStar elevator speech
  • how to deliver both a long and short version of your “verbal commercial”
  • the importance of treating the elevator speech as part of a conversation


As a BONUS, you’ll have access to our audio library of elevator speeches, so you’ll be able to

  • hear what a good one sounds like
  • hear what a bad one sounds like

You can also get inspired by the 16 Enticing Elevator Speech Examples – and use them to refine YOUR elevator speech.

You’ll also receive access to these additional BONUSES:

  • The “Stop-Giving-Me-So-Much-Work-To-Do!” elevator speech (For those who already have WAY too much to do, but have a hard time saying “no” when people ask them to take on even more.)
  • The “Change Your Reputation” elevator speech (This is for people who find that their reputation always precedes them, but that reputation no longer serves them.)
  • The “Yikes-I’m-Nervous-What-Do-I-Do-Now?!” technique (This is for when you are feeling stressed and anxious and afraid that you’re going to screw up and say or do something to embarrass yourself.)

You’ll have an opportunity to refine your elevator speech to stand out from the crowd, and use your Personalized Action Plan to become even more successful.

Time Investment

This course will take between 45-90 minutes to complete, depending on the time you spend in the course videos, on refining your elevator speech and crafting your action plan.


Your investment in this course is only $50 and will return a LIFETIME of great connections. To access the course on the Udemy platform, please click here.

Live Workshop: Enticing Elevator Speeches: Increase Your Income 30 Seconds at a Time

There is a live workshop available of Enticing Elevator Speeches: Increase Your Income 30 Seconds at a Time. If you are interested in hosting the workshop for a group of people, please Contact Us.