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Need an engaging speaker to help you and your team get your shiFt together?

Nice-n-Easy Networking - Michelle and Students Taking NotesSome of my classic presentations are:

  • Stand Up, Stand Out & Get Paid
  • Don’t Just Hope for a Promotion. Make it Happen
  • Get your shiFt together
  • Global Talk: Why They Don’t Get Us
  • …and more…

See below for other presentations. And contact me to inspire your group.

Transitioning into a Voiceover Career is the ear-opening presentation that I delivered to Gabrielle Nistico’s group of voiceover artists. Download the presentation here.

To learn more about this great group of SuperStars, please visit their Voiceover Exchange MeetUp group.

Check out my first podcast interview ever and learn why getting laid off’s a good thing!

It was so fun to be interviewed by Paula Okkoneh for her Chatting with the Experts podcast.

Even Project Managers need help planning & managing their careers. Here are some videos of the “Stand Up, Stand Out & Get Paid” presentation I gave at the PMI (Project Management Institute) Eastern Tennessee Professional Development Day.

I’m not sure why the MC decided to introduce me with those words… If you think that’s nervous laughter, you are right! The rest of my laughter is because I was genuinely enjoying the energy of the group. This is an AWESOME PMI chapter, and I was delighted to spend time with the 200+ attendees.

I was an Om-azing experience giving this presentation to the Pranakriya Yoga Teachers.  “How to Use Faceook to Promote Your Yoga Classes & WorkshopsNancyNicholson-MaryLouBuck-MaureenScott-DianneMcQueen-EllenKirshner-10-01 2014