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Job Negotiation Criteria – Thought Starters from SuperStar Careers

There are many items that can be negotiated as part of your Total Compensation Package. This is the Job Negotiation Criteria spreadsheet that I use with my SuperStar Career Coaching clients. Each of these 90+ items is something that I have personally witnessed an organization provide to an employee. Anything is possible – you just have to know what to ask for, and how to ask for it.



Boring to Brilliant

BORING TO BRILLIANT: 33 Distinctive Conversation Starters to Make a Fantastic First Impression, Help you Stand Out from the Crowd & Achieve Your Career Goals

These conversation starters will help you develop the business relationships you need to take your careers to the next level.

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360 Feedback – Start-Stop-Continue Template

To become the best employee possible, it’s essential that you request feedback on what you are doing well (so that you can continue to do those things) and what you are NOT doing well (so that you can either stop doing those things OR learn to get better at them).

It is also important that you obtain 360-degree (or multi-rater) feedback. When you request ratings from people above you in the hierarchy, from those below you, and from your peers, you are requesting it from all the levels that are around you. This helps ensure you get a perspective that is well-rounded, like a circle (which is 360 degrees).

If your employer does not have a formal 360-degree feedback process or multi-rater tool in place, then use this simple, Start-Stop-Continue template.


Land your Dream Job From Your Phone

4 FREE Apps That’ll Jumpstart Your Job Search (And Leave Competitors in the Dust)

Is it taking longer than you hoped to find your next job?

It may be that you’re using “Old Skool” tools…

Get these 4 “New Skool” apps now to jump-start your job search & find your DREAM job faster – or help it find you.

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IDP (Individual Development Plan) Template

There are 3 ways that professionals learn: Education, Experience and Exposure. Use this IDP (Individual Development Plan) to ensure that you are learning new skills in a balanced way.



Weekly 1×1 Meeting Template

It is vital that managers and employees communicate regularly to ensure they are on the same page regarding the work that needs to be done to achieve the organization’s goals. Use this weekly meeting template to add structure to those one-on-one meetings, and ensure that all the critical things are discussed.



Meeting Agenda with Recognition template

Research shows that employees crave being recognized for their professional contributions. Taking a few minutes at the beginning of your team meetings to acknowledge the special efforts that your team members have made is a fast and FREE way to implement a Recognition program. Use this meeting agenda template to help your team feel valued.



Best Practices and Lessons Learned Template

It is important that you and your team members pause at project milestones and/or the project completion to asses what worked well and what did not work well. This helps you and your team grow. It also provides a sense of closure to a project team. Use this template to record (and if appropriate) share your Best Practices and Lessons Learned.



Employee Recognition & Reward Preferences Template

Good managers know that it is vital to recognize their team members for their contributions – in the ways that the individual employee prefers. Some team members prefer fanfare; Others like being recognized in an understated manner. This template helps you identify how YOUR team members want to be acknowledged for a job well done.



Written Warning Template – Attendance

When a manager has a team member who is not performing well in the job, and is considering firing the person, the manager should provide verbal warning firsts. If that poor performance continues, give a clear written warning. If the performance still does not improve, then the manager is usually justified in firing the person.

Use this Written Warning template to call attention to the specific behaviors that need to change, and to clearly notify the person of the consequences of not improving. This particular example focuses on poor attendance.



Powerful Action Verbs to VERB-alize Your Resume

This list of powerful action verbs can be used to strengthen and add variety to your resume. To get the FULL LIST of Action Verbs, take the Resumes for a Richer Life: Stand Out from the Crowd workshop.

Click here to download your Action Verbs and make your resume more powerful.

The Top 5 (Free) Resume Hacks to Revive Your Job Search

Get these 5 valuable resume hacks to revitalize your job search.

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Sample Resignation Letter – Wishing You Didn’t Have to Leave

I QuitSometimes you have to leave a company that you really enjoy working for. Perhaps you need to relocate to be closer to family. Maybe you have the opportunity for your dream role. Whatever your reason, this resignation letter can help you notify your manager.


Download sample resignation letter HERE!

Your Short Path to Serenity

Is the busy-ness of business getting to you?

Do you find yourself gritting your teeth at the thought of yet another meeting to “get us all on the same page?”

Does your stress leave your stomach in knots?

Use this short, guided meditative breathing practice to soothe your soul, refresh your mind and revitalize your day.


SuperStar Employment History Tracker

Be proactive and use this spreadsheet to keep track of the key information that new employers want to know about you (e.g. your manager’s contact information, your starting and ending salary, etc.)

Civilian Job Hunting Resources for Military Veterans


These resources help American military veterans find the assistance they need with transitioning back to the civilian workforce.

Please share these resources with any veterans (or military family members) who are looking for work and that may benefit from these organizations.

Civilian Job Hunting Resources for Military Veterans