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Stand Out from the Crowd

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Course Description

Is Your Resume Preventing You from Getting Your DREAM Job?

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Does Any of this Sound Familiar?

  • You send your resume to company after company after company – and you get NOTHING back. It’s like your resume disappeared into a big black hole.

How much longer will you be STUCK in your tedious job with that toxic organization?

How much longer do you have to put up with an uninspiring manager who doesn’t appreciate your special talents?

  • You’ve asked your friends and family for feedback on your resume (most of whom have probably never been a hiring manager), and EVERYBODY has a different opinion on how you should change it. To make things worse, those well-meaning opinions contradict each other.
  • You’ve written, rewritten and edited your resume so much that it only makes sense to YOU
  • Job searching and the rules of resume writing have changed dramatically over the years. And deep down, you suspect that your resume approach is stuck in the 1980’s – which is a time of terrifically tacky music (Color Me Badd, anyone?), awful Aqua Net hairstyles and clunky Microsoft Word resume templates that no hiring manager wants to see.
  • You’ve heard that in addition to your traditional resume, you ALSO need a visual resume, a video resume and a Twesume, but you’re not even sure what they are or how they work — let alone how to create a GOOD one.

If ANY of the Above Sounds Familiar, Then You’ve Probably Struggled With This Question:

Why can’t your McDreamy company clearly see that YOU’RE THE BEST person – the ONLY person – for the position you’re applying for?

Beautiful business woman with short hairstyle.You’re in Luck – Because That’s About to Change…

Give me just 1 hour, and I’ll show you how to create a resume that gets you the interview – without having to pay hundreds of dollars to a professional resume writer.

My online training course, “Resumes for a Richer Life: Stand Out from the Crowd,” helps you go from “Black Hole” to “Black Book” with hiring managers and recruiters giving you their personal phone numbers and begging you to call them to schedule a job interview.

You don’t have to take my word for it. Take theirs.

superstarcareers-logo1 I got 6 job offers using these techniques!

I had minimal success in obtaining interviews until I met Michelle Braun and she educated me on key factors to succeeding, specifically during times of an economic crisis.
– Bryan McCullough, Management Consulting Charlotte, NC

forest-featherston I can attest to how great this “Resumes for a Richer Life: Stand Out from the Crowd” workshop is! Michelle has a strong background in HR and she knows the “inside scoop”.

I’ve hired resume writers before, but learning to do a great job yourself is a much better a deal! The class flies by and you leave with real knowledge.
– Forest Featherston, Marketing/Public Relations, San Diego, CA

Michelle C. Braun - SuperStar Career Coach, Executive Coach, Learning & Leadership DevelopmentIn Case We Haven’t Met Yet… 

Hi. I’m Michelle.

I help ambitious, mid-career professionals (like YOU) fall back in love with your career.

I show you how to turn your “9 – 5” into the Career of your DREAMS with SuperStar Career Coaching, career management training, and resume + LinkedIn profile creation.

And I’m on a mission to eradicate mediocre resumes.

I have a track record in HR of redesigning career websites, and selecting and implementing ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) for Recruiters. (An ATS is the behind-the-scenes resume scanning software that companies use to weed out Job Seekers.) 

My experiences as a Hiring Manager lend another perspective to helping you be successful with your job search.

Here’s Why I Can Help you Create a Resume that Gets you Job Interviews.

I’ve been working since I was 12 years old, so I have a lot of experience as a job seeker.

Before I founded SuperStar Careers, I spent 18 years at Fortune 100 companies in Human Resources – primarily in Learning & Leadership Development where I designed great training programs.

I’ve been lucky enough to build out large teams, so I can give you the perspective of a hiring manager.

And I’ll confess, I’m a bit of a word nerd and resume dork.

But I wasn’t always this person.

Before I became the Michelle in front of you, I was stuck and uncertain how to elevate my career.

I was happy to sing the praises of my direct reports and colleagues, but extremely uncomfortable celebrating my own accomplishments — in person or on my resume.

I wanted to fly. I knew I was capable of soaring, but I didn’t know how.

And when I started working in the recruiting space, I asked A LOT of questions.

I wanted to know how these hiring decisions were REALLY made and what was (and wasn’t) important on a resume.

Not just because I wanted to be a good business partner, but also because I wanted to know how to advance my OWN career.

So I immersed myself in that world, paid attention and a LOT of things became clear. And my career began to take off.

Why I Created This Course #LevelPlayingField

If you’ve spent any time reading my blog posts, you know that I have a bent towards social justice.

And I don’t think it’s fair that only a few select people are allowed to know this insider information.

So I spent hundreds of hours capturing all the best practices and industry secrets and distilled it all down to a step-by-step, practical, interactive guide that’ll transform your resume from something hiring managers and recruiters shove to the bottom of the pile into a Stand-Out-From-The-Crowd Interview Magnet that’ll put you at the TOP of the list.

I share all the secrets that I’ve learned on my journey so that you don’t have to make the same mistakes that I did…and so that you can soar and reach your career goals even faster.

superstarcareers-logo1 Words cannot express the gratitude that I have for Michelle Braun. After attending her workshop on Resumes for a Richer Life: Stand Out from the Crowd, I began immediately using the techniques to revise my resume.

Within two months, I not only got the opportunity to interview, but received a job offer too!
– Shay Williams, Health Insurance Charlotte, NC

superstarcareers-logo1 This class gave me the “Insider’s” perspective of a recruiter
Anonymous feedback fromResumes for a Richer Life: Stand Out from the Crowdcourse evaluation

What’s Up With Resume Writing, Anyway? 

Resume writing’s such a weird form of self-expression — with crazy rules about how to describe yourself (No personal pronouns. Really?!), and nutty expectations on how to highlight your accomplishments without boasting like Kanye West (I am a God. Hire Me.)

Often your resume is the main thing that determines if people are noticing you and your skill set – especially if you’re just starting your career. WomanInPinkReviewsResumeFolder-iStock_000011166876Small

And if you’re more seasoned, how can you squeeze ALL your work experience into 1 page WITHOUT using a 6-point, Arial Narrow font which is so small it hurts the hiring manager’s eyes, and makes her resent you for making her feel like she needs bifocal glasses?

How on earth are you supposed to design your resume in way that works for the ATS resume scanning technology AND for the human hiring managers and recruiters who’ll read it?

The harsh reality is that your current resume is causing you to lose job interviews!


Most schools don’t offer you in-depth courses on how to write an effective resume.

When I started working with recruiters, I learned a ton of insider information that I never learned in school. (HINT: You usually don’t need as many years experience as the job posting says.) 

I’m all about leveling the playing field.

Throughout my career, I’ve helped hundreds of people revamp their resumes and upgrade their careers.

And my “Resumes for a Richer Life: Stand Out from the Crowd” course is designed to help you do just that.

My course will help you:

  • Write an irresistible resume that gets recruiters and hiring managers to notice your talents, and invite you in for a job interviews.
  • Distinguish yourself from the other 250 people who are applying for the same job you are
  • Write a clear resume – with all the important stuff that a hiring manager expects to see
  • Accurately describe your employment history without rambling on forever and ever.
  • Toot your own horn – without blowing it

If you want more job interviews, this program’s for you!

Each course module has a distinct purpose, and collectively they walk you step-by-step through the process of creating a resume that makes you look like the SuperStar you really are.


  • Create a modern resume that tells YOUR professional story and shows why you’re such a great catch
  • Recognize the most important people in the hiring process – and how to have them help you get your McDreamy job
  • Position your professional experience to put YOU in the driver’s seat during the interview

Access Insider Information

  • Optimize your work history with 4 Insider resume writing secrets
  • Clearly see why you must have at least 1 of the 2 critical drivers on your resume to be taken seriously
  • Identify the mandatory and optional parts of a resume
  • Select the best formatting options for your profession

Select the Best Resume Option for the Job You Want

  • Choose the resume type that’s best for your profession
  • Explain what a CV (Curriculum Vitae) is (and isn’t)
  • Identify the pros and cons of classic and modern resumes (i.e. visual resumes, Twesumes, and video resumes)

See Resume Best Practices and Lessons Learned

  • Get examples of effective resumes (and embarrassing ones too)
  • Avoid the amateur mistakes that get your resume tossed
  • See epic resume failures (so you know what NOT to do)


In the BONUS BONANZA section, you’ll learn how to:

  • Explain away an Employment Gap
  • Identify the Mommy skills that are transferable to the workplace
  • Know who reads cover letters – and who doesn’t
  • See examples of compelling cover letters that’ll have them at “Hello”
  • Access key job searching tools and apps
  • Experience my step-by-step SuperStar challenge designed to support you and make resume writing even easier
  • …and more…

Here’s What to Do Next

Enroll now so you can create that “OMG! I’ve gotta call her in for an interview NOW” resume, where the Powers-That-Be roll out the red carpet for you.

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I’m sure you have questions about this course. After all, it’s an investment. So let me address some of those questions right now:

Q: How much is the course?

The investment in this online course is $97.

Q: When does the course start?

This is a VoD (Video on Demand) program, so once you provide payment, you’ll receive instant access. Check your e-mail for your login information.

Q: How long does this class take?

The core course takes about 1 hour to complete, depending on the time you spend refining your resume. There’s another hour of bonus modules (e.g. SuperStar-worthy Job Searching Tools, How to Handle an Employment Gap).

Q: What’s Included When You Join?

A) Instant (+ Lifetime) Access to the Class

Within minutes of investing in this course, you’ll get your own top secret password to log into our secure classroom and access all 13 video modules. After enrolling, you’ll have lifetime access to this course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own.

B) 4 Valuable Downloadables

  • 20 Resume Examples, so you’ll see what good (and bad) resumes look like in a variety of fields, including Administration, Aviation, Business Development, Financial Services, HR, Government, Instructional Design, Marketing, Project Management, Retail, Sales, Technology, and Training.
  • 5 Sample Cover Letters that you can use as inspiration to customize your own compelling cover letter.
  • An Executive Resume Portfolio – so you’ll see how Senior Leaders package their resume to entice hiring managers and recruiters.
  • A SuperStar Workbook to capture your key takeaways and that gives you examples of awesome objectives, transferrable skills and more. It also shows you how to properly document your education (even if you didn’t finish college).

C) The Warm Fuzzy of Giving

I donate 5% of SuperStar Careers’ revenues to charitable organizations I believe in (like KIPP and Let Girls Learn ). When you invest in elevating your own career, you’re also making a difference in other people’s lives too.

REGISTER Web Button (sign up free subscribe join click here)How Much is this Course Worth?

You could pay more than $1,000 for a professional resume writer to transform your resume from “Blah” to “WOW!”

If you earn over $50,000 a year as a mid-career professional, you make over $4,000 each month.

If this course cuts just 2 weeks from your job search, that’s worth over $2,000!

And that doesn’t include the value of the lost benefits and bonuses that you missed out on while you keep slogging through your job search.

Don’t wait 1 minute more to learn insider secrets on how to update your resume and start getting job interviews with your DREAM company.

Here’s What to Do Next

Get the blueprint that clearly shows you how to transform your resume and describe your employment history in a way that strikes a chord with recruiters + hiring managers.

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How many more great job opportunities will pass you by because you didn’t take action today?

Be Different - Stand Out From The CrowdYour chances of getting a meaningful and fulfilling position increase dramatically when you create a meaningful resume that helps you stand our from the crowd.

You have the power to ensure that your resume rises to the top and gets the attention it deserves.

You just need some guidance.

I’d be delighted to have you join the SuperStar family by investing in my “Resumes for a Richer Life: Stand Out from the Crowd” course.  Register now and I’ll see you online in class.

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You deserve a career that you’re madly in love with.

No more waiting.

No more excuses.

You spend a lot of energy helping other people accomplish their goals.

It’s past time for you to start investing in yourself…

Your purpose.

Your confidence.

Your significance.

Your happiness.

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Write the perfect resume. Get called for the perfect interview.

There’s no time like the present to rock your resume and start marching confidently down the career path of your dreams!

You’ve got the will.

Now let me show you the way.