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michelle-braun Hi. Nice to meet you. I’m Michelle Braun.

I help ambitious, mid-career professionals (like YOU) fall back in love with their careers.

When I worked in Corporate America, I had amazingly uplifting experiences – and damn near ulcer-causing ones too. When things were great, I felt superb: empowered, fulfilled and like I was making a difference. When things were awful, I dreaded getting out of the bed in the morning.

You spend so much time at work, that it consumes and affects your energy. Work misery spills into other areas of your life and hurts your mood, your confidence, your personal relationships and more. Life’s so much better when you’re in the right place, with the right people and you LOVE what you do!

That’s why I get jazzed helping professionals like you rediscover your purpose, love your job, and enjoy a higher quality of life.

What I Bring To Your Table 

I’m a recovering workaholic with 18 years in HR (Human Resources) at Fortune 100 companies. Most of my time was spent in the Learning & Leadership development space.

I also did time in the Recruiting space – designing and implementing Career websites and learning the nuances of ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems). (An ATS is the behind-the-scenes software that companies use to weed out Job Seekers. That’s why I can write a resume that gets through the ATS technology – and gets through to the Recruiter and Hiring Manager.)

My undergraduate degrees in English & Communications are from the University of Michigan. (Go Blue!). My Masters Degree in Instructional Systems Technology is from the University of North Carolina. (Instructional Systems Technology is a fancy-schmancy way of saying the art and science of adult learning.)

Why SuperStar Careers?

My journey hasn’t been a straight line. I’ve been working since I was 12, so I’ve had a lot of job-related adventures – and stumbles.

Even in elementary school, people told me I would teach. I didn’t believe them. Until 2 years after college when I began teaching ESL (English as a Second Language) in Japan and LOVED it way more than my first job at a Marketing & Public Relations agency.

I’ve always been the kind of person who shares a good thing when she finds it. When I discovered things that helped me navigate the Corporate Jungle Gym more easily, I’d tell everyone. Whether they wanted to hear about it or not.

I’m also genuinely interested in people’s stories. Because I find businesses so fascinating, I revel in hearing people’s work adventures. Especially if they’re stories about growing and achieving unfathomable goals. I really groove on “rags to riches” stories, like my Mentor’s: She started as a Mail Room Clerk and ended as the CFO (Chief Financial Officer). That’s grit!

When I’m not role-playing how to negotiate a better compensation package and coaching people to operate from a position of strength (instead of fear), I can be found indulging in watching Scandal, playing tennis, cursing the downward dog, or listening to great podcasts, like Fresh Air.

If you’re dying to know more, here are 8 things people tend to find intriguing about me:

  • My favorite websites include the Harvard Business Review and People Magazine. Duality like that is a big theme in my life.
  • I was a golf caddy for 5 years. And even though I don’t play, I CAN help you improve your game. If your drive isn’t working, try switching to your 3-wood. You’re welcome!
  • Growing up, I was affectionately referred to as an Oreo cookie. My Mom is an African-American writer/actor/educator. (Check out her photo on IMDB. You know you want to.) If you’ve seen MY Casper-the-Friendly-Ghost picture, clearly my Dad wasn’t Black. He was a Caucasian Englishman from Liverpool, England. Which plays into the next fun fact:
  • I’ve moved more than 35 times in my life. That’s 5 states, 4 countries and a lot of jet-lag. That’s also why I’m usually rooting for both teams. And it explains why I love helping people negotiate Relocation Packages.  Some of the places I’ve called home (so far) include: EnglandHong Kong | Japan |  USA (New York | Michigan | California | Ohio | North Carolina)


  • My brother, Dan, is a musician with mad guitar skills. He’s One-Of-The-Nicest-Guys-I-Know. Check out his grooves here..
  • My delightful husband, Dan, is The-Nicest-Guy-I-Know. He’s also a shy guy. So no photos here. (Yes, he really does exist. No, I didn’t put this ring on my own finger. Hmmph.)
  • I love yoga so much that I became certified as a Yoga Teacher. I’m the only yogi I know who wants to kick the downward dog. I cannot think of a single instance off the mat where positioning my limbs that way would be useful.
  • This Foodie hates to cook. Seriously. Cooking involves science. And while I respect Big Bangologists, I have no desire to be a Marie Curie. Unless it’s related to the science of helping you live the career of your dreams. Or the science of designing great training to help you develop the skills you need to be successful. I can (and do) Geek out on those things all the time.

Vision (Where I’m Going.)

My vision is to revolutionize the education system and for SuperStar Careers is to help 1 million people fall back in love with their careers by 2018.

Mission (How I’m Getting There.)

My mission is two-fold:

  • to help mid-career professionals demonstrate their incredible value — and get recognized for their talents — through SuperStar Career Coaching, Career Management training, and resume & LinkedIn profile creation.
  • to help organizations maximize their potential & improve the bottom line by designing and/or delivering SuperStar management and leadership training which ignites leadership excellence.

SuperStar Careers focuses on doing well by doing good: I donate 5% of revenues to charitable organizations (like KIPP and Let Girls Learn ).

Wanna Come With Me?

If you’re ready to start living your purpose, head over here to grab my free eGuide: Your Career Path Compass. (You can also use that opt-in box on the right.)

Don’t spend another day drowning in work misery. The Career of your DREAMS starts now.

Who’s NOT Invited?

I only work with SuperStars – or people with SuperStar potential. If you…

  • aren’t interested in career advancement
  • don’t love to learn
  • have racist tendencies or
  • have a bias towards making excuses…

…then lets break up. I’m not your gal.

Thanks for stopping by.

Here’s to falling back in love with your career!




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